Tina Born, Ou boivent les loups



Exhibition at 38 WILSON PLATFORM, Paris, from October 15 to December 18,  2010

[slideshow]Installation views. All images ©The artist & Rebecca Fanuele

My artistic work fields include object building, installation, video and paper works such as collages, cut-outs and drawings. Site specific, architectural and historical references play an important role in my artistic work. I am dealing with questions of space and the psychological implications of certain shapes and spaces. Phenomenons like light and shadow, also in the metaphorical meaning, the colours black and white and reflecting, shimmering and mirroring surfaces do attract me. For me they stand for immateriality and a state of transformation.

In my artistic repertoire I often choose ” strong”, symbolical motives such as the black sun ( “Miroir Soleil”, 2009), thinking at Gerard de Nerval and his “Miroir de la Mélancolie”.

Those objects are copies of existing objects which I change in dimension, material and context so they become more like
” afterimages” , ghostly doubles, a fusion between the familiar and unfamiliar which unfolds itself more in the inner than outer world. I am
interested in ambiguous appearances, shapes and objects that are appealing, elegant and refined and at the same time with an underlying
subtle threat or irritation…

Under the title “Où Boivent Les Loups” which is a quote out of a Tristan Tzara poem, The project at 38 WILSON PLATFORM has also featured a ” Mirror Cheminée”: a 1: 1 size copy of a 18 th century french fire place with a mirror one can still find in many historic places in Paris. The “fire place” was a wooden replica painted white . But something rather unreal or surreal has been included to project the viewer in another space…

I am very much concerned with the notion of ambiguity, the world in mutation, the disappearance of certain shapes… Concerning the title:”Où boivent les loups”, The wolf has a multiple identity. From Remus & Romulus to many fairy tales, it is a strong animal, and at the same time an endangered species.

This might raise the question: where do wolves actually drink, do they still have a place to exist?…

Tina Born, June 2010

© Tina Born

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