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Morvarid K., “Preserved for a better day”

Exhibition from 10 January to 1 February 2014 

In the frame of her themed exhibitions (Water, Women, New technologies, Censorship), Nathalie Parienté is proud to show, for the first time in France, the work of the Iranian artist Morvarid K. (Tehran, 1982).

This exhibition will present the installation “Preserved for a better day” 2013 / 2014, consisting of a slide show and one framed photograph.

The installation “Preserved for a better day” represents the mood and the state of mind of the inhabitants of Tehran today.

Through the metaphor of the white sheet used to cover a couch to protect it from the dust when we leave for a trip, the artist makes people appear underneath, frozen in different moments of their daily lives: a meeting of friends in the roof of a building in Tehran, somebody nonchalantly smoking a cigarette, someone laying in a couch.

The slide show presents about fifteen images depicting men (rarely), women (more often), a dog, a musical instrument and a library covered under this sheet, together with other ghostly characters from a choreography of oddness.

Morvarid K., “Preserved for a better day” (extract). Soundtrack: Hani Niroo

Unveiling no trace of tragic, no pathos, it’s rather with humour that the characters receive the absurdity of their fate. “With humour but without fatality”, the artist seems to be saying: in this body of work, people pose while taking a pause. As if waiting for a new era to come. As if everything in their attitude was saying: “here, things are this way… for now”.

The work of Morvarid K. Will be presented in the frame of the Dherby Quad/Format Festival in Great Britain, from 14 March 2014.

Exhibition: “Moravid K. Preserved for a better day”, from 10 January to 1 February 2014. 

Nathalie Parienté / Plateforne 38 Wilson, 38 avenue du Président Wilson 75116 Paris.

By appointment only. Cell. : 06 08 54 57 44

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